About Me

Hello Lovelies!


My name is Brittany Chasteen. You may wonder why I named my business Brittany Alies Photography, well, Alies is my middle name! Pronounced A-Lease. I know, its spelt very weird lol.

Well, I started my photography journey back in 2011, when I started photographing my children all the time. I began to feel like it was my calling. I just love being behind the lens, and rarely do I show up in front of the lens lol. So, I quickly fell in love with photography and started to educate myself and attend workshops to get better acquainted with all things photography. I am mostly self taught, but I love exploring different things and going to workshops to learn new techniques and to just plan ole’ better myself.

I went to college and got a Bachelors Degree from the University of South Florida in Business Management. I felt like I sort of made the wrong choice in degree, but eh, such is life. As you can tell so far, I have a very upbeat attitude lol. No but for real, I just like enjoying my life without too much stress and weight on my shoulders. I see so many people just dragging through life and not having fun, that is not me. I love people who seriously enjoy life and live it every day!

I am married, I know I know, sorry Im taken and have been off the market for over 13 years. My husband, Steve, and I met on Myspace back in 2005. I know right, Myspace lol. We hit it off and nine months later we were engaged and pregnant with our first child. Our eldest son Landon made his appearance 2 weeks late in February of 2007. I had to make a point and saying 2 weeks late because he was due on 2/13/07 and decided not to come out at all. I was induced and after 16 hours of labor we had to do a C-Section. He seriously was just way too comfortable and didn’t want to come out lol. Now, my 21st birthday was February 26th, and yes, I was in the hospital on my 21st birthday, I call Landon my birthday present. A month later my husband and I eloped in the amazing city of Alpena, Michigan. Yep, Alpena, I bet you thought I was going to say Las Vegas lol. Shortly after that we had our second and last child, Lucas in 2008. He was a little easier of a pregnancy and I knew exactly what date I would have him in my arms, which was awesome!

So as you can see, I live a very loved life. That is why I truly love photographing weddings. I just Love, Love! I want to photograph your special moments, and see all the tears of joy!

I am seriously an open book, so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me! I look forward to photographing your love story!

Love & Light,